Friday, April 8, 2011

Competition vs Necessity

Chapter three of INS was eye opening to say the least. The farther I go in this study the more challenging it becomes. In this chapter we are reading about competition. AS I read this I had to take breaks because I could see me and  my nasty competitive spirit. Most of the time it has been healthy, but there have been times when my competition gets out of hand.. But God has shown me I need to lay down some things. Like the need to have more and more. But not just more but also  better and newer. This  came up when my computer stopped working and I was faced with getting it fixed, buying a new one, or using the extra back up one we had until we could fix the other. The one I have doesn't have the plug in for earphones so listening to videos is not an option unless I listen to it  without earphones, But the more I studied the more I see God's hand in this decision teaching me I should concentrate more on reading God's word and staying with this study without the fancy sounds  because that will give me an open door to move away from God's word and watch videos and other things that are not beneficial to my life or my path to learn about God.

So my connecting to the soul question is - do I want new things  to say I have them  and brag or because thats my only option?


  1. Tough question you are asking yourself. Quite brave. Laying things down is usually not easy but then again if it were it wouldn't require any faith to do it.
    Enjoyed your words. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This journey is not an easy one but one that will be well worth it.