Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Power of Prayer

It is said if you can't do anything else to help someone pray.  In my opinion that's the first thing  you should do even if there are other things you can do. Prayer has several benefits; besides connecting with others who you reach out to and collectively send up requests for the creator of all things to step in, it brings comfort and strength when others are week. This week  actually yesterday I had first hand knowledge of the wonderful benefits of what prayer did. I saw it. I was apart of it, and I am rejoicing because of it.

Yesterday a friend of mine  who is recovering from drugs and alcohol called me crying. She was ready to quit give up and go away. now not being a drug and alcohol addict I dont have any first hand knowledge of what they  are going through, But  Jesus knows first hand the sufferings of this world and those in it.  The first thing I did was calm her down letting her know I was NOT going to give up on her and I would be there to love and support and encourage her every step of the way. After we hung up I send out an urgent S.O. S ( save our sister) prayer request to my prayer partners who sent it to their groups and friends and prayers ( I can imagine) went up to the Father on her behalf.

Within 30 minutes take or give  she called me again much happier and more encouraged then she was before. She had been given help through a wonderful organization with gas and food til she could get on her feet with a  job and place of her own.  As well as receiving a call from a friend of hers saying  he  could get her a job  working three days a week. She is supposed to check in with him today and get more information about that.  And I told her I would help her  with housing and learning to get around town by bus.( another friend deemed me jokingly the queen of the bus) .

The steps are in place all she needs is to step out on faith and do each thing one step at a time and let God be her pilot.

This also goes so well with the word of the week in the Its no secret bible study I'm doing, because connected to the right people can make all the difference in the world. Praise God!!!!!

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