Saturday, April 23, 2011

Without Jesus

This Easter is or seems to be different then the ones in the past. Although the same events are taking place, The way I feel today is different. Recently I gave my life back to Jesus and made a commitment to do all I could to live as a child of God. Following in his foot steps and living the way he came here and showed me. Now today I woke praising Jesus and thanking him for the wonderful sacrifice he made on my behalf- So that I might live.

As I go through my life I now give myself and my actions to Jesus as I ask for his guidance. Just realizing how weak I am yet how strong I am through Jesus it causes me to thank him for being the strength I could never have. And because of this there doesn't seem to be any reason for me not to trust in and turn to Jesus each and every day!!! Thank you Jesus thank you.

Without Jesus each and everything I have been given and gone through would have been worth nothing because all that I am is BECAUSE of Jesus and the awesome sacrifice of giving his life for me – that I might live. And not just live but live with victorious results and being a reflection of my Father in heaven.

When Jesus came he came living as an example for me and my brothers and sisters to follow. Pardon the tears as I write this but the love Jesus had for us is so mind blowing I can't even begin to explain it. To have such a great love for us that our Father would send someone to die that I might continue living. There are no words.

And to have gone through the many things I have gone through – the only way I would have been able to get through them was with Jesus and the leadership he has in my life. As well as the strength he gave me as I went through each trial and darkness unto the light.

As I write this I'm listening to songs that fill my soul and lift my praises to Jesus. And to be able to do this today and every day is AWESOME!!!! Some times songs can say what we can't yet as we listen they bring us to our knees as tears fall. And they are tears of joy because of the wonderful gift he has given me.

Jesus came as an example of how we are to live and love and serve as He has each and every day is a gift and I am going to live each day to the fullest as I get to know Jesus and work to become just like him.

So my connecting to the soul question is am I ready to live as Jesus lived and serve others as he did?

My answer is Y E S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. and again...Amen, Debi! I'm so glad you're swimming in His overflowing love today :-)

    I'm feeling very peaceful and joy-filled myself. We had a lovely Good Friday service last night and I was blessed to sing a very moving duet as part of the praise band. The Holy Spirit was truly with us and carried our voices to new levels. It was such a blessing to have "me" tucked within His wings instead of fumbling around trying to "do my best" instead of "surrendering to His best."

    I'm praying your weekend continues to be music filled and blessed with His love and joy!

  2. How awesome, bet your still singing,,,, what a great weekend to be in His Presence