Friday, May 6, 2011

The order of my hats I wear

Matt 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you "

Welcome to another episode of living room ministries my names Debi and I'm glad you stopped by. The devotional I received this morning made me stop and say "aha that's why that is happening." The topic was the "hats I wear" in any given day. It isn't really the amount of hats, although that can be too much and I topple over but order for which they are worn. Now some of the hats I wear are:


Group Moderator
Church Member
Abuse Survivor
Gods Child

But there are times when no matter what I do I fall short f doing and being successful. Romans 3:23 says "we all have fallen short to the glory of God." But if I follow Matt 6:33 and seek first the Kingdom of God and ask and seek Gods guidance first ( notice I said first twice) - The door will be opened and all good things (maybe not in my eyes ) but in God's eyes, will be added unto me. So the things on my list may be things I am involved in but if I rearrange the order of the hats the things I do will be done to Glorify God. As well as most likely be done. So my new hat order is as follows

God Child

Church member
Abuse survivor

And as you can see they are more evenly arranged.

So my connecting to the soul question is- What hats do you wear and in what order do you arrange them some days? How can you arrange them so God is the first hat you wear.

Lets pray

Father, My day is often filled with errands to dos to go's and to bes and often times I forget who I really am. Which causes me to loose balance and fall. But if I give you my day and all its activities asking you to show me which will glorify you and your Kingdom then I know things will work out to your will and I will not be tired and distressed over things that did not go my way. Thank you father for showing me the error of my ways and gentle place me back on track


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