Saturday, May 14, 2011

Proverbs 17:14

“It is hard to stop a quarrel once it starts so don't let it begin.”

Good morning everyone, It is so good to be back on blogger after their site was down. I have missed y'all. Today's blog and scripture are personal because of some things that happened to me yesterday. I wont bore you with details. Instead I will share with you the great lesson I was taught.

Every once in a while who we are and what we believe in is questioned and put to the test. Whether it be how we raise our children, car we drive, church we attend, or even something as personal as our faith.

What led to yesterdays lesson started a few weeks ago while I was searching for scripture that would help me heal from the abuse I suffered as a child. I found two sites I liked and emailed them asking if I could share their link as I worked to heal. One agreed the other did until she saw the title of my site.

My faith in Jesus was questioned suddenly when she saw the title“connecting to the soul”. She then began to tell me without knowing me or at this point actually seeing my web site that I was headed down the wrong path.

Now without going into detail of the chat this woman and I had she tried to get me to change the name of my site just to comply to her wishes. Which I am not. But as the emails continued ( which they have stopped) I saw how every easily the conversation could have exculated and turned ugly as a quarrel began. So instead of doing that I just told her I would pray about it, and said bye. And I did pray laying the whole thing at the foot of the cross so Jesus can deal with it for me. Now after a night of prayer as well as consulting a trusted source I have learned and seen not everyone has the same belief system I have in place.

Thank you Jesus for your counsel and your Word to refer to.


  1. Sorry for a not so pleasant interaction. I like the title of your blog! Hope this washes away and you sense God's joy in you!!

  2. Hey there, Thank you for your comment. I have gotten so many people liking the title, so it will stay because as one woman said , once you start reading - you then see where my focus is.