Sunday, March 20, 2011

God's lesson to His child-

 Materialism vs Spiritualism

The last few weeks and especially last few days the subject of materialism and idols came to focus. It first emerged during my daily reading of Deuteronomy. That's when the subject of idols came up. What are we desiring or clinging to instead of God. When I was growing up I saw the things of this world as things I was to use while here then move on when I was called home.

However as I got older the ways of the world took over. As I think about it it may have been about the same time I learned I could not protect myself from the abuse I suffered as a child. I decided if I couldn't protect myself, I would protect the possessions I had. And things became important to me. Because they were things I could collect and protect when I couldn't me.

Before long things were more important then my spiritual life. I am soooo glad my Heavenly Father discipline his children and because his timing is not ours it took many years before that discipline came. It wasn't in the form or robbery or theft it was in the way of fire. As scripture says the things will be tested my fire, Well the only room that was untouched was the room that held my bible.

I cried over those material things that were going up in smoke saying "those were the only things I had in the world and they were going up in smoke." That night after the chaos had ended and I sat in the hotel I had to give God the glory He saw that my husband and I were safe. AS hard as it was for me I found myself saying something like “Ok Father I get it those are only things.” For me that was the first lesson of many that would follow. Now I'm learning that wonderful word – moderation. .

My connecting with the soul question is go through what I possess and what I can give away eliminating the amount of possessions I have. It could also help me eliminate the things that have become idols to me.

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