Thursday, March 24, 2011

Proof that Jesus Directs our steps

I had an AMAZING day yesterday, I felt like I was above cloud nine. To put yesterday in perspective I need to go back two weeks. My face to face support group had decided to read and discuss as a group the book "Purpose driven life" because that's where we all seemed to be. Now I know some don't find his book credible but the story wasn't about the books contents as much as God's amazing presents. I didn't have the book and my girlfriend and sponsor had an extra copy which was given to her by her mother and therefore was special. So while the book was in my presence I took special care of it so she could get it back undamaged. One day I was looking through the book when envelopes fell out. As I picked them up I discovered  they were letters from and to her mom. Now It became clearer why the book was so special. At some point I had prayed that I could find a copy of the book for myself so I could return the treasured book to my friend. Well fast forward to last week. My friend told me she would not be able to pick me up as she usually does and take me to our meeting. No prob I had a bus pass and could get there with no problem. Now fast forward to yesterday. When I awoke yesterday I started talking to God and commented wouldn't it be great when I took the books I had collected and was taking back to the thrift store to donate, I'd find sitting on the shelf "purpose driven life" ( I'm getting goose pimples now ). So without further thought, I left for the thrift store. 

After I handed the clerk the donated books I wandered to the book section as I always do. But  after looking through the shelves of books  and seeing there weren't  any books I was interested in I turned to leave.See, I had a plan going in  that I was only going to buy the book I was looking for if they had it.  See I am a book-a-holic so if I'm not careful I could have easily walked out with the same amount I had just donated. 

But on my way out the  door the clerk asked if I  had found everything  I was looking for? I told her no I didn't see the bible I wanted. And she pointed to another area.Apparently the owner had  separated most of the spiritual books and placed them in an area closer to the door. AS I went over to look sitting on the shelf was


Brand new as if it had not been used ever. In fact it even had a break down of how to do the 40 day challenge

( which is not apart of the book) someone had put a schedule of how the book was or should be used)

Over joyed and excited I took the book to the counter and discovered to my heart ache I didnt have enough cash. But the woman said I could take it and pay her next time. Which was no problem, I spend lots of time there so she trusted me.

Then while I was waiting for the bus I had to use the rest room. Usually that wasn't a problem but the bus was due to arrive within seconds I'd say and if I missed this one would have to wait an hour for the next one , But I couldn't wait til I got to where I was going and hurried to the rest room which was inside the building where the bus was to stop. AS I hurried up the stairs and to the ladies room I prayed asking God to let the bus not leave without me. When I was coming out of the building the bus was just pulling up.
I thanked God and quickly hurried to the bus  and boarded before  the bus began to pull away from the curb. All I can say is-

Yesterday was definitely a day where God directed my steps


  1. How precious when He opens the eyes of our heart to see His workings in our lives!! Such a sweet tender story of His goodness towards you.

    Thanks for sharing this... I'm encouraged!

  2. Hi thanks for stopping by. Hope your day is a good one the best part - its sunny, -for now.

  3. Yes, He does Direct our Steps - thankful you were able to experience His blessings.