Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Notes from INS bible study

Hi all this entry are the notes I have written during an online bible study.For those who haven't heard yet here is the title and who is leading the study. 

Title of study "It's no secret revealing Divine truths every woman should know." Written By Rachel Olson
Bible study conducted by Melissa Taylor and Rachel Olson

Chapter one was an introduction of sorts of the wedding we as women will have as well as how we are to interact with others. One specific story is dinner guests, If we only invite those who are well to do rich and “are somebody” then our only reward is what they offer in return – if they offer anything.

But if we invite those who are widowed homeless down and out those no one else would invite then we will be rewarded in heaven. As I thought about this in my past I have done this, I've opened my home to those who were cold and homeless and had no where to bed down. I've pushed myself aside to help someone who was alone and frightened. Now I dont say this so you will pat me on the back, I say this because it helps remind me about how I felt doing that, and what enjoyment I truly had as a result. I am always saying “I want to make a difference in someone's life." Well as I look back I did make a difference for that person that one night or one instance that they may not have had. If God had not placed me in that place when He did things could have been different for both me- and those I was able to help.

Just from chapter one I am reminded to be God's vessel dressed and ready to respond when He calls. That could be Dressed in Jeans and tee shirt or ball gown and heels well ,low heeled shoes.

Chapter two
know when to pay retail.

This is where it gets tougher at least for me. It's not the buying that's the issue, I am good at spending money what I need to reflect on is what I am buying worth the money. To answer that I'd have to ask what is it and would I be willing to give it away ( or sell it) at the drop of a hat? Because Jesus tells us in Luke 18:25 For its easier for a camel to enter through a needles eye then for a rich ,man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” and that tells me if I treasure the things I own now more then what I am getting , I have a problem.

God has already shown me that “stuff” doesn't matter a few years ago in a house fire when everything went up in flames. So God showed me what he says is true.

So my connecting to the soul question ( going with the theme of past entries to reflect on) is “is what I possess right now or buy in the future worth more then missing out on all that's in store for me in heaven? The answer is NO.

So my prayer is to ask God to help me prioritize my life and possessions in a way that can be used for His Glory and not just to collect dust wasting my energy dusting instead of doing God's will. 

Amendment to chapter 2 
     Finishing the rest of the questions I see that Jesus is asking me to  deny myself and take up me cross for me that means Live simply asking Jesus for only my daily share and to lead me where  HE wants me to go and what His will for me is. I was created for him. 
As for the last question pertaining to the worth of Jesus that was like the commercial where two people are texting and one asks how do we save for retirement - I had to stop and think- only because there were no words. AS for my retirement plan, I'm working to retire in  Heaven.


  1. So excited you're doing the INS study! Hope it nourishes your soul as much as it did mine!

  2. Thank you, are you doing the study again as well?

  3. "If we only invite those who are well to do rich and “are somebody” then our only reward is what they offer in return – if they offer anything."

    I loved this line. So true, we can "network" and wind up getting no where. We can trust and serve God and have the most amazing things dropped right in our lap out of "nowhere."

    So glad you are reading with us! ~ Rachel

  4. Hi there Rachel, thank you for stopping by,I say the most beautiful set of images of Jesus this morning, now my thought patterns are shifting...