Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our actions when it comes to weight loss

 Today's Spark people reflection email gave me reason to reflect.  Because it asked are we a candle or the mirror? So as I sat here staring at the words I wondered are my actions actions I am confident in and can defend proudly if questioned about them,  or are the reflections and light I am giving off  something even I am ashamed of? Could I look myself in the mirror and know the way I live is honest and true to who I profess to be? 

 After all I am a Jesus girl ( as Melissa Taylor terms it)you can find her here  

So who you see should be also representing my Father in heaven. And that is someone  who is honest and true loving and kind.

This also includes my weight and how I feel about myself. If I say I am trying to get healthy and eat the right things and exercise then I am a positive role model for those who watch and look at me. But if I say those things and you see me eating fast food all the time and reach for the chips instead of fruit then I am not reflecting a good image.  And that's not true to who I want to be.  So my question for connecting to the soul is. Is the person someone else sees and are the things I do things I am proud to have someone copy? or do I need to rethink how I am seen to others.  

If you are a Christian the best person to turn to when asking this question is God who can do miracles in and through you. 

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  1. Great thoughts about authenticity and integrity! Kim Hill has an old song about what we do in the dark eventually comes to the light. I often think about that when my thoughts, actions, faith are tempted to differ in the dark than they would if others were watching.

    Thanks for this exhortation!