Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My crazy mind - and a lesson learned

 Well this blog is appropriately entitled because now I get to figure out how to make it look as well as  the earlier ones with no  two words in a sentence and all. and the pretty blue back group. But it is a learning game meaning we are all human and with trials and errors come success. ( I hope)  so back to regular programing.....

I had an uncertain night  last night when our home internet went out after we bumped the hand cream on the desk which fell and hit the cord that attaches to the computer to give us access to  everything we do. Well we had to  unplug replug restart re do everything then wait- patiently- and thats not an easy thing to do in this house, we both practically live on the computers. My hubby doing his thing, and me doing mine.  But finally last night it started working again so we thought everything was ok, til couldn't connect with my mobile unit. Cant connect and without coffee  yet. yikes not  something I'd like to think about. But finally it came back up and I am happy again. Then after I came online to see if my page had been viewed and it had not been I was going to go back and just post on where I did / and still do.  There I know  someone  will read and respond. Then came my daily lesson I had to look at myself often times  I find a blog I like and dont leave a comment for the writer who got up sat down and posted something.  So here I was getting hurt when often times I do that very same thing,  Read  and enjoy the blog and not say at least thank you for your time to write and share. 

Ouch some lessons can hurt.  So here I sit expressing my views and hoping I can touch someone else. Because as  Rick warren says in his book  It aint just about me. ( yes I'm paraphrasing here).

 So to all those whose blogs I read that are reading this 


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