Monday, March 14, 2011

Weight loss and you ( and me)

Our weight is connected to how we see ourselves 

 From what I can see we are a society that has a love affair with food and our weight. You see it everywhere, billboards, magazines, t.v shows and ads  are all saying the same thing- thin is in and we should feel bad  or work to be thin because if we don't fit into this mold people have of what we should look like.. We then begin to feel bad about ourselves and what we look like.  

Well I'm here to tell you they are wrong.Although food should be enjoyed  it should not define who we are and how we see ourselves or what others think about us. Yes I agree this is hard to accept.

 Sometimes our little girls are more worried about what their bodies look like and how others see them they often lose sight of what wonderful little girls they really are and what wonderful women they could grow up to be.
 We are in charge of who we become  and how we look, lets not let others define us just by what we eat or weigh, but by what we can offer and become when given the chance.  

 To manage our weight and staying healthy we don't need another diet, we need to maintain a lifestyle of healthy choices good food and exercise.. For more information about building a strong and manageable lifestyle go to sparkteens .com or There you will find tips articles and exercises that will fit any lifestyle as well as others who, like you, are working to stay fit, healthy, and energetic every day of their lives.  That's where you'll also find me, I'm JazzyDJ1017.  The site is totally free  to sign up and it totally rocks.

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