Monday, March 14, 2011

My History With Weight and Food

Food had never been an issue for me until  maybe 3rd grade when I went from 99 lbs to 100 lbs. over night. When I saw the numbers on the scale I freaked. Up until then my weight hadn't really been an issue, I mean I was young, energetic ,and active. So I thought my weight was alright for someone my age and height. But when I saw that  the numbers had changed over night I freaked. I didn't merely panic I freaked,  I got off the scale and back on hoping the numbers were wrong. But they weren't, There it was 100 lbs. Immediately I called for my mom hoping  she would bring comfort,  and tell me things were going to be alright, but no dice, all she said was "get use to it, its apart of growing up." and walked out of the room. Can you imagine how devastated I was.

Because I was  alone - and scared- I would grow up fat like both my mom and grandma who were both over weight I wanted to start right then to start watching what I ate. ( this is a perfect reflection of what I thought as a 3rd grader of what society viewed as  acceptable). Here I was in 3rd grade already trying to manage my weight because no one in school liked the fat kid. And I didn't want to be that. it was hard enough because I was disabled. But to add being fat to that combination and  you had the makings of an out cast 3rd grader.

So this started my weight loss journey and my  roller coaster ride with food.

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