Monday, April 25, 2011

Jesus - My example

Yesterday at church the youth put on a dance production and play re enacting the crucifixion of Jesus. I've seen it twice and the young man who played Jesus as he carried the cross to its resting place was so moving. He was dressed in a robe wearing the crown of thorns and blood on his body where they beat him was so real. But it was the way he “appeared” as he showed the anguish and pain on his face was so real, you just wanted to reach out and hold Jesus and minister to his wounds. As one woman put it “if you weren't crying by the end of the play there was something wrong with you.”

AS you watched this young man you were able to catch just a glimpse of what Jesus suffered,Although the only other way to know was actually be there. But to see this man who was so pure innocent and good be put to death for a crime he did not commit was heart breaking.

The first time I saw it I cried partly because it was a shock seeing the story unfold,it moved me to tears which I didn't try and hide. Then the second time I saw it I was again moved to tears. Not only did I cry for what they did to my Jesus, how they broke him and beat him and spat on him sending him to his death. But more-so because of what this man who really wasn't just a man did for me and everyone. He willingly died on that cross to save me from my sins securing my place with him in my eternal home.

That night as I reflected on the day of celebration surrounding that one scene, of a man falsely accused of something he did not do I am reminded of all those who are unjustly accused of things they did not do, as well as all those I personally have judged unfairly for one thing or another. We often do this either because we don't know the facts, and are quick to judge. are following the crowd or are just misinformed.

This play has taught me two lessons . The first is to not rush to judgment by prejudging without getting the facts so I can make a well informed decision. And two; Not to just look at the circumstances before looking into the eyes of the person and see the heart for a deeper understanding of what is actually going on.

In conclusion

Jesus came as our example of how we should live, love and experience life while we are here. If we ever have any questions or concerns all we have to do is to turn to the only answer book ever written -
The bible.



  1. Beautiful, Debi! Very well written and very moving, too! I hope you have a lovely Monday :-)

  2. Thank you Leah, it was truly a wonderful day yesterday. Hope yuor day was just as good.