Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Perfection a curse or a blessing - Ch 7-8

Ahhhhh Perfection that ever sense of fulfillment that nothing is flawed or messed up. Where no mistakes ever happen and everything is done the right way the First time... Yea right.... Then there are are those who day perfection is a pipe dream.. Depending on how you look at it, it can be a night mare or a blessing. Why a blessing you may ask, well I'm glad you did I will tell yea why. Because you have seen what it can do to strive for it as I did in chapter 7. Tanks to Robyn Okrant I was able to see what going after perfection can look like. It's impossible- especially if its someone else's view of it.

Yet. As I read this chapter I see in Matt 5:48 Jesus saying “ But you are perfect even as you Father in heaven is perfect. Umm excuse me ladies ,,, I am not perfect. I have dents and bangs and rust and other imperfections so how am I perfect??? This is where I had to do a lil soul searching and found out my definition and my Fathers are very VERY different. I am perfect in my Fathers eyes. Not woman's(or man) we don't see the same way God sees and I am so grateful. My only role model should NOT be actresses sports figures, or even talk show hosts and divas - If I am going to model my life after anyone my role model should be Jesus Christ. In fact Jesus is the only one I should be working to be like.

So my connecting to the soul question for 7 is in what ways can I be like Jesus?

Chapter 8 Whats my sign?

Its “Confront me if I don't ask for help”. Actually this chapter had me reflecting back to when I was taking classes back in 2000. The instructor asked the class a question something like “ Describe something about yourself no one else knows by looking at you?” As I sat there and thought I finally came up with the perfect ( see there's that word again- but in this case it fits me) thing. I said , “If I sit long enough not accomplishing a task confront me – I need help” So confront me if I don't ask for help is still my sign even after 11 years.

Then the farther I read Rachel gives several reasons we hesitate to ask for help. Mine are Fear, insecurity and selfishness. Can you say OUCH ? I did. No pun intended here but how selfish. There was a time I sought out those who needed help but now it seems I cant be bothered . Hello? Can't be bothered it goes against everything I have ever believed in.

AS you can see God has really been working on me. I'm afraid by chapter 12 . 12 Yep, sorry I had to make sure there were that many chapters ( I want this perfect ,,lol) By chapter 12 I'm going to look like I've been in some horrible disfiguring accident. Part of my body and soul will look like the scabs have been there for years and are working on healing while others have been dug so deeply they are fresh and still painful and ugly- but healing none the less.

These two chapters for me went hand in hand I was trying to be so perfect asking for help was a big huge no no. If I did ask for help you would know I am flawed and not as perfect as the part I played- Well Duh I'm only human, But I'm learning – with a little ( ok sometimes A LOT) help from my friends.


  1. Good morning, Debi :-)

    You really hit the nail on the head describing your wounds. But, thank the Lord, these are clean wounds that will heal well and make you stronger for having experienced them! You are in my prayers. It surely isn't easy sometimes having our hidden truths exposed so openly!

    Who is Robyn Okrant? Are you reading two (or more) books at the same time, like me? A little bit of wisdom here...some excellent "ah hahs" there... :-)

    Have a great day!


  2. Well yea I tend to read more books then one at a time, Doesn't every body ,, hehe. but the Robyn O reference was on page 134 Under 'Better living". Thanks for stoppin' by , I so love hearing your comments. I think this is one of the first times a bible study has me reflecting on things so honestly and examining myself more then I ever have before. I'm almost afraid what the other chapters will bring, I'm almost outa band aides ,, Have a great day as well.

    I'm also going to be posting a few more things to out of the shadows today. just FYI in case you have checked that blog out as well.

  3. I have and I will (check out your other blog) :-)