Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My healing journey

 Today God is working with me to continue the next chapter or chapters of my abuse  which is the other blog I write, I didn't know if  any of you read that as well. But today's entry although its one of maybe three I will add is scripture based as I reflect the first part of my life to the love and protection that my Father in heaven provides  for me. I have found  great healing in the scriptures and wanted to share what I am  and have learned with others. In writing my story I have tried to take out the graphic stuff  and focused on telling the story as it happened because that was the one wish I had  when I went through it- someone  to connect  with who had been through what I had and knew ( of course to a  degree ) what I was at that time. I hope those who read it let it minister to them as I am now.  God's power strength and love is in his Word.  So I hope if you've been abused or know someone  you will refer the blog.

 Here's the link for easy travel.

This is my connecting to the soul statement today. We are not alone in our pain.

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