Saturday, May 21, 2011

Be still and know that I am God

Psalm46:10. what a beautiful statement! And it was one I heard last night as I was awakened last night. But no matter how hard I tried I could not get back to sleep. So I got out of bed as  quietly as my squeaky bed allowed and went to my living room. There I sat in the dark quiet room for a while.  Before long I turned on some worship music and  lip synced to the music.( hubby was asleep in the next room  didnt want to wake or interupt my time with God.) After a few moments I was back in silence as I began praying to my Father talking with Him as I haven't talked to Him in a long time.

Recently the blog unplugged and connected to came to mind, I don't remember specifically what it said but for me right now I think I am hooked into too many activities  bible studies  groups and electronic devises - Computer and t.v not to mention cell phone,  that God's signal is  getting jammed and I am missing his connection - because That is the most important of all.

fasting from electronics and t.v seem to be calling. so I can connect to my power source,  will be praying about it.

 Connecting to my soul question-  Have I let other electronic devices or other activities  crowd out the one connection  and relationship that is the most important- The one I have with my Father in heaven?


  1. Ok, you just hit a little close to home. God has spoken to me in the past about my cell phone being a distraction. And since I've gotten my laptop, I've noticed that it is a little distracting too. I'm listening God - time to let go of something so I can get closer to You.

    Thanks for this post! Have a blessed weekend.

  2. I'm sorry it was too close to home,I know with God's help we can over come this obstacle. Have a great weekend as well.