Friday, May 20, 2011

For Just A Moment

Matt 18:20
“For where two or three are come together in my name, there am I among them.”

Mornings for me are the most cherished parts of my day because that is the one time my focus is on one thing- Coffee and Conversation. Both with you and with  Jesus.  This morning  as I awoke I was calling out to Jesus, just praising his name then the song title came into my head “Your name is Jesus.” What a Glorious name to be calling out to. Jesus. And I get to share that time with all of you who stop by and sit for a few and read and sip coffee ( or what ever drink you enjoy) . But the best part is sharing the love of Jesus and the wonderful things he has done for each one of us.Thank you Jesus! 

In the morning I imagine those on my follow list, as well as those who read my blog sitting around a big ol table talking about one thing- Jesus. Praising His name and thanking him for who he is. Sometimes our lives get so busy a moment is all we can get each day but we can carry Jesus with us every where – and those moments we can all come together thanks to the internet and share such a wonderful moment is as they say Priceless. ( hope no one has a claim to that). But its true. Our lives are so different on the surface but underneath we are all daughters of God. What a great family to be in. So thank you ladies for stopping by and sharing your morning with me. May you all have blessings on your day.


  1. May you have a blessed day and weekend too. :) Nothing better than spending time with Jesus.

  2. Hey Lisa, thank you for stoppin by and sayin hi. You have a bless day and weekend yourself.

  3. That's so true. We are all sons and daughters of Living God!

    Thank you for joining at Coffee with Jesus whenever possible.

    Let us build His kingdom together.

  4. Aman. I love spending my morning roaming the many new sites I have discovered and making new friends.