Monday, May 30, 2011

embarcking on a new bible study journey

Today I am going on another journey through God's  Word as I start another on line bible study with Melissa Taylor. This study is a journey of healing. thanks to Wendy Blight who wrote the book "Hidden Joy in a dark corner. " As I work to connect with my soul again I hope  to connect with that lost part of me that never healed from my abuse, In this first assignment is to write a prayer to our  Father  with no masks straight from the heart, And I thought I'd share it with you.

"Father God, through this study, I would like to come closer to you then ever before and know and realize that back then when I was a child, I wasn't alone. you were there with me even though I didn't know you then you knew me and longed to be with me. You felt each hit each injustice that was done to me and against me. I felt so alone I wish you could have reached out and held me physically to let me know I wasn't as alone as I felt or better yet taken me back home to be protected and loved again. I'm glad I didn't know you back then to hate you. I am glad I know you now and that you are in my life. Please be with me ( and others) as I walk this path again, this time coming out of the other side healed and victorious in your presence and love. As I write this my heart hurts again like it did then when it happened. But I'm afraid to cry because I fear I wont be able to stop again. Please Father comfort me as I learn from this study how much you love me and want to heal me from these wounds that are still apart of me. Amen.


  1. Amen sister! That was a great testimony. Thanks for sharing. I pray the love of God overwhelms you as you continue this journey.

  2. Thank you, I will be journaling my journey here, so if interested you can follow.

  3. I am moving this bible study to my blog out of the shadows. hope you follow me