Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Jesus in Me...

Loves the Jesus in you, The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you , your easy your easy  easy to love." These are the words I woke up to singing this morning to myself. And as I lay in bed before rising my thoughts shifted as I thought of my inner child and how the adult me was singing this to her. And it was easy to love the child I was as well as the adult I am, All I need to do is look to my heavenly Father for His example.

 His love for me was so strong that he bought me with a price no longer am I shackled to  or held in one place the place of darkness. Because my Father  saved me I can step out into the sunshine  and feel the warmth on my face. I am set free from the bonds of my past and can be happy and free. No longer   do I have to be afraid of the dark past I lived because I was ransomed and set free  able now to live happen and in the sunlight because of the Son of God.

Have you been set free from your past? If so how- I'd love to hear it

 ( for the record the song  the Jesus i me " is sung by our youth choir and has been  running through my mind, What an awesome song to have stuck in your head ...


  1. I got saved at age 13; It has been an awesome journey with Him...

  2. I dont remember when I was first saved but I renewed my faith and my life has been an adventure ever since. O I am loving it.

  3. Hi,
    It's been almost 4 yrs ago that I got saved. I was 52. I had a lot to be set free from. Still a work in progress. But...I have never been happier! Look forward to reading more from you. I have added myself as a follower. Stop by and visit my site sometime.
    Blessings in Christ

  4. Hi there thank you for stopping by and xommenting, I will check out your site.

  5. Hey girl...thanks for the sweet comments on my blog...I am so glad that God is able to bring us together in identifying on certain issues! And this is a beautiful post, yep loving that inner child is some of the hardest, yet most HEALING work that can be done! Love you girl!

  6. love you too stephanie. I'm over at your blog now reading some of your entries, and loving them.