Monday, June 13, 2011

God's Gift to me

Gen 1 -2

Last night I had a dream or rather scene from the bible that repeated itself as I slept, It was that of Genesis Ch 1 and 2. God's creation. The scene that played over and over in my dream was the creation of the Earth. I don't know why God showed me this but before I knew it I was up out of bed and in my living room. As I sat in my chair facing the window,I began looking at the moon and watched as the clouds passed in front of it hiding it before making it visible again.
AS I sat there a thought came into my mind when the clouds passed over the moon again this time only hiding parts of it- like arms being wrapped around the moon. Instantly I saw my Fathers arms wrap around me, as I just sat there. Sitting there watching the moon and clouds I was in awe at God's awesome majestic power. He didn't have to wake me to show me this beauty but he did. It's often at these moments I'm reminded that there is more then what I see when I'm awake. Sometimes I rush around so much doing and working and studying, but fail to take the time to really see. It was unlike anything I could imagine, My Father chose to spend this morning ( 2:30ish am) with me. Reminding me to not just see with my eyes but feel and remember with my heart. That this night this day this... World.... was created for me, because He loves me.

I may not have to “do anything” but simply smile and thank my Father for such a beautiful gift and reminder

Father thank you thank you thank you for this world and all you have created for me, help remind me to cherish every moment you give me and most importantly not be so rushed to miss the beauty right in front of me. Thank you for these lil reminder wake up calls to just share your beauty with me as we share quiet time together undisturbed and uninterrupted.

Thank you Father in Jesus Name- Amen


  1. That's so cool that God wanted to spend that time with you. His creation is amazing!

  2. . It is cool. And it tells me just how special I am -I haven't stopped thinking about it all day- its something I will treasure,

  3. That's a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing. Amen to that little prayer.

  4. Hi-visiting from Lysa's blog. You have a great blog! Happy I found it.
    Would love for you to visit mine.


  5. Good morning, Deb :-)

    What a lovely experience. I'm sending up prayers of thanks that the Lord woke you up to spend some quality time with Him. He is so good!

    When I read your thoughts on the clouds hugging the moon it made me think of a notion that the Lord gave to me a while ago. We Christians are like the moon. We reflect the son's light. I've always loved the moon (since I'm a moon child...and Neil Armstrong took the first step for mankind on that moon for my birthday in 1969). Now every time I look at the moon I see myself basking in the glow of the love of our Lord and reflecting it back so everyone can see! I'm going to enjoy seeing the clouds as hugging arms, too :-)

    I hope you have a blessed day today!


  6. Leah I had not thought of the moon like that thank you. Hope your day is a good one as well.