Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hear Ye Hear Ye ..

 I wanted to touch base with y'all to let you know I have launched a new site  called Connecting  with kids. It will contain stories from  the bible these stories will be about courage, bravery and friendship. I am currently working on the  Intro and first story. They are for kids  of all ages... so I  hope  you will take a stroll over when I get it ready. I will post a link to it here . I'd love to get your feedback when / if you read it.

Yes a lil shameless promoting here. other then that its a peaceful restful type day. I have set up an appointment  with my pastor  to speak about Youth ministry  which is set for the 27th at 10 am. I am so excited. And a little scared. Such a big step. But its something I  have been thinking of  for a while. And I do like writing.

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