Friday, July 15, 2011

Under Satans Attack

  The last few days I have been working to  put together   the site  for kids. but today, I just  feel the need to veg out and  do nothing. All these thought's of what's the use and  how will it change anything and so forth and so on. Even my health is taking a hit.  Why  does Satan do that?  yes that's a rhetorical  question because when we are doing  something God wants us to do , Satan comes in and bam we are  doubting ourselves  and  wondering if what we are  doing really matters or if anyone cares or the biggy  whats the use.  Shoot it could just be  stuck in a rut and the heat doing this.  But  vegging out on ice cream isn't going to  make things better. Just  worse as we  deal with the after math.  What I am trying  now to  figure out is how to explain who Jesus is  and  what the bible says  to someone who's never heard of either.  And that's where Satan is entering  scrambling  channels  and telling me you cant do it.

 yes I can. But  where does one start  when one starts from scratch. Making sure you have all the ingredients in  one place.


  1. You ask the Holy Spirit to read you the ingredient at a time. You spend time with Him for yourself first. Get to that place where He's flowing through you and speaking through your fingertips. Just start...He will finish!

    And if you have any questions about what NOT to put in there, this "used to be completely un-churched, combative atheist/agnostic" is happy to share her previous turn-offs. :-)

    You're in my prayers, dear :-)


  2. Leah I love hearing your in sight of things I've written here. And I'd love to hear about your turn offs. Since I've written this I have met with the Sunday school director and she wants to see the sight and use some of my stories in the Sunday school lesson. Oh man what pressure. Oh God thank you for letting me be your vessel to reach these young people. I'm working on New new stories now. One about Cain and Abel. The other about being a big brother or sister.

  3. I'm glad my comments are welcome :-). I wish I could visit more often, but my life has taken a turn for the extremely busy!

    The thing I remember about my childhood and the times I was exposed to "churched" kids and adults was being on the outside looking in. They accepted as fact what I was taught was illogical. They quoted the bible as "proof" of their beliefs. As someone who hadn't been raised with this knowledge, this didn't compute with me. But, at one point I decided to memorize "Psalm 23" and those wonderful words were a comfort for me, even as I struggled with disbelief. And as I've grown in my faith, it is the Word that has continued to comfort me and open my eyes to His wondrous miracles.

    Not sure how you're composing your stories, but weaving God's Word throughout your story will be key to reaching those young hearts eager for love and acceptance. You will have strength and a solid foundation from which to reach out to them.

    I hope that makes sense. My brain is a bit foggy and I think it's time for this lil' gal to go to bed! :-)

    You're in my prayers!


  4. I understand busy believe me.Just remember to take time for you. My stories will be interwoven with God's Word. in fact I am currently working on how living room ministries actually started including stories of that period and all. Then I will post them here.