Monday, August 29, 2011

Sorry I'm MIA

 Sorry y'all that I haven't written anything  for a while, I haven't forgotten any of you and hope you don't me. I have recently decided to go back to  school,  and am still learning the  schedule I have set for myself.  See they are both online learning courses,  and even though I don't have a "set schedule"I don't want to  get to the point where I am not doing the work simply because I am not accountable to someone on a daily  basis. Well mostly. See I am taking two courses from two different  campuses  one course I am accountable to an instructor  as she sends you unit assignments and quizzes you take and   when you are done    you send them  back and sh grades them and sends you the next  set of assignments and  quiz.   So far I have completed one set of assignments and quiz getting 100.  Working on Unit/ assignment 2.

But the other set of courses is up to you  without someone checking on you as the other one isthe only time they really have any connection  during your course work is when you take the test at the end of the course. Its all up to you,  assignments quizzes test  self grading  which I sometimes hard to do just because of accountability.   However in all honesty I am accountable to me and to God.

 Eventually these courses will lead me to the major I am striving for- that of youth minister. And my Pastor is well aware of that
and is helping me.  He teaches three classes at church,
1 Corinthians, Job and the significance of numbers in the bible.

I will continue to keep you all updated as time passes,  but I wanted to let ya know I haven't forgot you.


  1. Good for you! How exciting that you want to be a youth minister. I will add you to my prayer list, and I will check back for updates on your progress.

  2. Thanks for your support. the first thing I have learned is not to over study... I get cranky when I push it. And that's not God like.