Saturday, September 3, 2011

Giving God the Glory

The last few days were not the best. I have been busy and because of that my mood has not been the best. But this morning that changed. This morning, God blessed me. When I started my day as always I started my day checking email and reading a few blogs before I headed out to my Sat class on the significance of numbers. The email I read made me laugh out loud then when I read the blog I had to smile. Then when I went to class and started to pay for my course material the woman who was taking the money told me that "someone" had given me a blessing and the material had been paid for.

AS it turns out I needed to buy "personal products" and was able to buy them without straining our budget.AS awesome as it was, it was the same exact amount I was to pay the class material. Praising God was my first response as I thanked him all the way home.

What blessings have you received today that your first response was to Give God the Glory???


  1. Yahoo....! That's awesome!

    Now to share my testimony, today was my first day at a new temp job! Praise the Lord!

  2. I know a week has passed since you wrote this but I hope you are still being blessed! God is awesome. I had a great answer to prayer myself and I'm smiling too!

  3. V thats great! God is Awesome isn't he. I'm glad you had such a good response to a prayer. keep smiling.