Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taking on too much at once

 Well lets see since I met with my Pastor last week, I have begun one bible study, which is  Sunday  morning at 8 30. I have  begun the last two chapters in the hidden joy bible study , which I blog about under "Out of the shadows" ( and I  ducked back under the shadows and haven't posted there lately either- must do that soon)  and I started another  blog  for Children's stories , called "Connecting with kids."    So far on that there's an intro and one story. Will be adding more  very  soon. This is all apart of  the Children's  Youth Ministry package.  my problem ,  yes even I have problems  is I have too many  studies  going at once. God's word  is sometimes sooo inviting I try and do too many at once and  run out of steam, time and attentiveness. What I need to do is sort through  them all organize them and get them on the calendar  so I can better plan  what I study  an when.

If you read this and have ideas or suggestions on what you do I'd love to hear them I tend to start so many and not finish any to a great rewarding satisfaction.

thanks for stoppin by

*** Authors Note****

I have decided to try a study a day  and see if that works  if it doesnt-  the First study I  am  going to do is on marriage,  Because it is a study I have wanted to do since I was a teen.


  1. One suggestion would be to time each study or project if you will. For example, Mondays are dedicated for one study, Tuesdays another project, Wednesday is a break from all studies so forth and so on...

    By the way, Coffee with Jesus mugs are now available. I can send you one if you are interested. Let me know.

  2. oh how cool about your Coffee with Jesus mugs, Absolutely I'm interested!!!!!!!! And thank you so much for your suggestions I just might do that for a week ad see if it works , its awesome for my personality because I can never stay with just one study, its like just eating one chip. Thanks! Hope your summer is going good.

  3. That's very interesting, Debi. For me, I do much better if I stick to one study. It's like crafting a statue. If I only chip at it every 4th or 5th day then I forget the vision I have for the completed project. Though, when I'm reading inspirational books or even reading from the bible, I can't just sit down and read just one. I have actually had to force myself to following a reading plan to read through the old testament. God's Word is so rich that I can get a message through just one sentence. Reading chapter after chapter in one sitting is like gorging on a whole chocolate cake! It needs to be savored, not gulped. :-)

    LOL...I don't think my comments helped you, but they did get me too thinking :-)

    Have a super and blessed day!


  4. Leah you made me laugh, that did help. As you said doing one study is like sculpting a statue you have to build on one thought after another. And I am discovering that as I am on lesson 5 one one study. I can see more clearly things that I may have missed if I had just read that chapter not digging into what it means to me. hope that makes sense. I can see where God is leading me by staying on course and following the map. Have a great weakend.

  5. I can so very much relate to doing too many things at once. I have a long list of projects I'm doing at any one time... and that's just home stuff. Then there's a list of things at the church. It was only about 2 months ago that my pastor told me that I had 'too many balls in the air' and he felt that I need to put some down. It's hard to let go of some stuff, but I'm learning.

  6. I have recently learned that I have so many projects is because this way I am always doing something and not thinking about my past or the abuse I suffered. Now that I know why , its still hard to change habits - but I'm working on it. I also discovered when I take on too many things I cant get well fed from God's word. So I have decided to do a study on marriage. And will post those thoughts here soon.