Friday, July 29, 2011

Meeting With My Pastor

Thursday, July 28, 2011 

Wow it has been a while  since I have written to everyone, I'm sorry, life  decided it get busy but I am taking the time now to update everyone  both here and on my sparkpeople blog what is going on that has gotten me so busy.

Many of you know ( and if you don't where have you been hehe) that I had a meeting set up with my Pastor yesterday regarding Children's Ministry courses and my next steps that I would need to take. Well I can tell you it was short and sweet. He told me of course I would need to learn about the bible and what the scriptures say - that was kinda a given. He then said that he teachers there at the church Sunday morning Sat morning and Monday morning All on different books of the bible. - Note to self need another notebook for these classes.- what struck me as funny but not was the way he said his next statement. Her said I teach Sunday morning at 8:30 which means you would need to be here an hour earlier before you go to your Sunday school class. Then he told me that he requires his minister's and teachers to take Child psychology classes - not a problem I love psych classes - always had. And lastly he would get together material about Children's Ministry that he had. I also told him of some of the courses I was already taking pertaining to the bible and which books I was studying which he seemed to like

So when I got home I began making plans to finish the bible study I'm currently doing on Hidden Joy- were on ch's 9-10 - there are only 11 total. So once that's done I can move on with a little more ease and I wont be taking on anymore extra studies until I know exactly how much time the courses that will lead me closer to being a ministry will take. Shoot I have a feeling I will be too busy doing these that I will be happy. I just need to keep my nose in the bible and find my determination.

This IS what I want to do. I just can't let it discourage me like most other things do.

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