Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good Morning

I had no scripture for this I just wanted to share  with you how  wonderful my day is  so far and its only 10. Normally I would already "be in class" but  God has directed my steps to show me He is still in control. This morning we began to get the much needed rain because we are in a burn ban right now, and  as I sat at my desk feeling  blah only  because it looked  dark and grey outside I asked God  " where was the sun?"  And as if He was telling me, its  still here my child see" The clouds parted and a sliver of sun  emerged.  However all around it was still raining. Now  you cant tell me there is no God. I was in awe.......  what a beautiful  way to start my  day seeing that God is still in control. There is no better feeling.

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