Friday, October 21, 2011

Jesus wasn't Accepted - John 1:11

Good Morning! Today we are going to talk about Acceptance. We all want to be accepted right? By our friends by our parents by our teacher's . Even by the groups and teams we join. But what happens when we aren't accepted it hurts doesn't it? We feel bad and unwanted sometimes even embarrassed making us wonder what's wrong with us?

I'm here to tell you YOU AREN'T ALONE. Jesus was not accepted either. In John chapter 1 verse 11 it says in the Contemporary English Version:

11He came into his own world, but his own nation did not welcome him."

Can you imagine how that felt not being welcome in your own home or town? They saw Jesus as a stranger. But if you look at verse 12 it says "some did accept him." So some accepted him and welcomed him.

So my question to you is what do you do when you are not accepted? Do you get mad or sad or do you feel bad about yourself thinking there is something wrong with you? I'm here to tell you There's nothing wrong with you ! God made you just the way you are! And you are precious in his eyes. So now what do you think Jesus did? He could have done the things we saw above as well, but he didn't. Instead he continued with what he came to do. He came to show those in the bible and us how to live. He was our example. He also prayed to his Father asking for strength to continue what he was sent to do. And that was to teach us how to live and behave and then so we could live with God forever he would give his life for ours and take our sins away.

But today I want you to remember when you feel like you aren't accepted or welcome somewhere that you aren't alone. Jesus felt the same way.

Have a good day everyone. Bye for now.

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