Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The new year is getting closer.

Hello, all I am sorry I haven't posted in a while but I am hoping to change that. Let's see  what has kept me from blogging,,, Well I guess the first thing is laziness , nothing to say on a given day or just plain busy. Two much work has always been something that keeps me from thinking of my life, both past and present and even future.

Right now I am taking three classes on "campus" aka church   and two on line. The Campus classes are on vacation status until Jan 9th which gives me time to catch up on Hebrews and 1 Tim threw  South Huston Biblical Institute. I really like the two online ones because there are replies and grades. I also plan to add to the childrens  story blog and out of the shadows ...

 Speaking of 'Out of the shadows I have a publisher looking at that and another publisher looking at Living Room Ministries  devotionals - there are 52 devotions an entry a week. So I guess this  year I am going out  with cliff hangers with the season premieres early in  January. 

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