Thursday, June 28, 2012

If I disapprear.....

There will be days I look at all I have to do and the studies both piritual and unspiritual and think I can handle doing them, but in reality I may just be fooling myself, I start with the best of intentions and before long I will fizzle into hiding.So instead of feeling  guilty about not being like others, I am going to work on being the best me i can be. I will still be doing the studies  but I may just post what I feel led to share so I dont  feel bad about being perfect.

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  1. Do what you feel led to do and leave that pesky guilt in the trashcan, my dear! :-) I too have the tendency to bite off way more than I can chew. Trying to force a posting or devotion is a lesson in frustration and dissatisfaction. It's coming from our own human frailty instead of flowing from the Holy Spirit. He will give you His Words in His timing. Be at peace and wait for His guidance. Bless you, Debi! :-)