Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week one day 1 Made to crave

As if I don't have a million other things  going right now I jump into another study.  Made to crave by Lysa Terkeurst.  I began the study a day late, but none the less here I are. And I believe this came at the  right time because Mon and Wed i am taking a class called Lifetime fitness and wellness. The first project we were asked to do was make a goal and stick with it for 5 weeks. Mine was exercise 3x a week.

It sounded simple but as we exit the 4th week I'm seeing its not  so simple.  Now enter Made to crave intro. Melinda Todd ( who is doing the latest study on Made to crave- which I need right now in my life) asks the question "what are you lacking?"

Wow  what perfect timing this  question is because during week four of the class I'm taking I was asking that same question.  As Lysa  says "I know how to - its the want to" . What I was  and am running into is  finding the motivation and the ability to get past the obsticals and mental blocks That I am encountering.

How perfect is finding  and doing this study now.  So what am I lacking? Honestly- like you want to hear the unhonest answer- I am lacking severely the motivation and self worth factor. I seriously need God's intervention on this. I know I'm his child and that alone should motivate me to be the best and encourage me. But past tapes and recordings have seriously gotten in the way.

 As for school the  wish and hope I have is that this last week I begin to see the changes of a better attitude toward myself,as God's Child.

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