Saturday, July 28, 2012

God's Mighty blessings

Over the last few months I have been so busy going to school, doing homework, and  budgeting that I have not had the time to sit and think- until now. Monday will be the last day of summer classes that I  am taking. Monday is when I take my final marking the end of the first set of  classes, one being taken on line. And it was a class I tried taking years ago and could not finish. But as I sit here I have time to think and thank my heavenly Father for seeing me though this time of my life. Today was the day I realized I had not had an "accident" during transportation.  And it was all thanks to God who helped me see and step through the many doors He opened for me so I can work to achieve the goal He set before me.

After Monday I will be able to focus my attention to reading God's Word again as well as get things together to move into my dorm  room for fall classes.  I can move in the week before Aug 20th. Then I start 4 classes starting at 8 am  5 days a week. Folks I am not a morning person- not by a long shot.So  while I am on my 3 week vacation, I am going to work on switching my morning brew to green tea - which is gluten free and cheaper then coffee and creamer.

So the first blessing was to be able to have surgery eliminate gluten and msg, the second , be approved for a dorm so I could get back and forth to class so there can be no excuse, and third ( so far ) is to have an understanding husband who trusts me enough to support me in my goal. soooooo

I have a lot to do in a three week time frame.  So pray for me....