Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus Has Risen

Happy Easter Everyone! May it be a joyous and wonderful day. I awoke this morning with new hope for a new day and assurance that my Lord and  Savior lives! I sat in church this morning rejoicing because Jesus  Rose conquering death once and for all.

AS I sat there seeing the wonderful life Jesus has given to me, I rejoiced  and cried as I sang and listened. When I got home back in my dorm a show came on from the Veggie Tales  and I watched. The  show was about a man  who was going to do away with Easter because he did not know the true meaning of Easter.  Tears again began to flow as I saw and was reminded just what Jesus has done for me. He has died to give me life and a life abundant and fulfilling. A life  full of love and courage and joy and laughter. I cried because without Jesus I wouldn't be where I am, forgiven and free.

 God can and has done mighty things  for us in the name  of love. because God IS  love.   It is something we are reminded every day when we wake up to another day with the chance to glorify His name and share with  others of His mighty wonderful  life.   

 Let's  Pray
   Father thank you for the love you have for us to haven't given your only  son to die for us so we may live. Thank you for Jesus rising from the grave conquering  death  forever so we may have a relationship with you now and in heaven when you call us home.  Father forgive us our sins and help us to remember  what  Jesus  did  for us on this wonderful day and the great gift  he gave us by sacrificing his life for us.

Thank you Father for your son Jesus. may we always remember his love for us every day and rejoice.

 In Jesus' mighty name

 Happy Easter  to all, and may you have a happy Resurrection Day!

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