Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thinking of moving

Hey all,  For the last few months a thought has popped into my head. That thought is of moving - all of my blogs connecting to the soul connecting with kids and out of the shadows of abuse as well as link  Spark people to one web site. Not only will that  make it easier on me but combine all my blogs.  Yes this is a before coffee thought, as most  who are interested in one may not be interested in the others- I get that.

 So I have not packed or even found a location ( website ) yet, these are just before coffee thoughts that I'm sure will go away once I wake up. I don't want to lose readers in any of my blogs and would  of course like to add more. Ok random thoughts over time  for cup two. A more soul searching  blog will follow later today, after I work on my manuscript a bit. 


  1. Is there a common theme that runs throughout all of your blogs? If there is, you might be able to simplify by combining them. I haven't followed you long enough to know, and I only read this one. However, I know I had multiple blogs and not enough time to keep them all going. But there was my faith that kind of tied them together so I imported the smaller two into the main one. Made my life simpler and enabled me to focus on better content.

    However my smaller two only had less than a handful of readers, and no feedback. So I was comfortable with the idea. Just some food for thought.

  2. Hi there thanks for commenting, Connecting to the soul and Connecting with kids are spiritual and out of the shadow of abuse is how to overcome being abused as a child.