Monday, September 23, 2013

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Who am I? It’s a question I ask often, and often I come away with no answer. Mainly because I’m still searching.  Who am I?  Depending on what mood I’m in or who I want to impress I can be several different people, for you see who I am is dependent on who you are.

When I was a child I was many different people, both to myself and to others. To others I was an abuse victim trying to survive in this world after I was born. As I grew up I was a little girl just trying to feel safe. To the abusers in my life, I was nothing more than a rag doll to be use and tossed aside. Still to others I reached out to, I was invisible.  But to God I was cherished. AS I continued to grow up, I was many things and wished I was many different people. So the one person I chose to be is the one person who could be any one in the world. I became a writer. Under my writing hat, my name often changed as I began to develop characters to write about and they were very different then who I was in reality. Because the characters I created were not abused, not abandoned and not ignored. They were strong women who could accomplish anything at the drop of a hat. I was known by many different names- if only to myself.

Who am I? As I reached Jr. High and high school I became a romantic searching for her prince charming. I didn’t want to get married or have children. I loved the idea of a prince coming in on a white horse and rescuing and loving a damsel in distress. I am a romantic. I love love. I love reading books and listening to music where there is undying love so strong it can withstand anything. I am a romantic. I love romantic movies that make me cry/ and wish the ending never came.

Who am I?  Now I am a woman who never seems to give up even though there are times things are stacked against me. Who am I a writer who can be any one she wants to be at any point in time. A detective solving murders. A rescuer who comes in and saves a woman who cannot save herself. A protector of children.  But most of all I am a dreamer. A dreamer that anything and all things are possible. That the only thing we have to fear is not trying.

Who am I? To my husband I am his friend, his lover, his wife. I am a writer.

When I thought about the type of stories I liked to write and wanted to write, so many things went through my head. There was so much advice out there I didn’t know who to listen to. I have so many stories on my desk top ranging from every different area. So where do I start?

Well the first place I had to start was in my heart and in my soul.  What type of writing really made he happy? Horror, erotic scary paranormal, true crime, Christian, or romantic? I had written something in each category. Currently the only one up for sale is a Christian romantic one. Now I’m trying to figure out which book will be number two on the list.

As I work to decide I had to start in my heart and in my soul. Because each category was a piece of my soul as I wrote each one. How could I chose one without denying the others? I couldn’t nor was I. I was simply choosing one at a time to write and set out into the world and hope others enjoyed them as I did. The story I have chosen to work on now is Secrets.  It is about a betrayed woman who was left and framed for murders she did not commit.  Oh and did I mention she was a cop. In fact all his victims were cops. It’s on its 3rd draft so I hope to have it complete and on line soon.

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