Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Celebrating God's Love For Us

Margaret Hulahann said in a mash episode one day “It never ceases to amaze me one minute you’re alive and the next your dead. No fan fair, no lights, or whistles, you’re just gone.”  But that got me thinking, often times it’s that way when we are born as well.  Especially when it’s to parents who are not expecting us because of unsafe sex or drug addiction or other circumstances.

But what if there was all the fan fair, lights, whistles but we couldn’t see or hear it because it came from the angels? What if they were celebrating a new life being born into God’s world? The very world we read about in Gen 1.  Then in Gen 1:26 He created man/ Woman in his own image. In his own image just think about that for a moment. We have our Heavenly Fathers DNA in us so when we were sent here we only had to tap into that source, that reservoir God’s Word to be connected with our creator and Father. How awesome is that!?

 One of my favorite verses is Psalms 139: 13-16. It’s probably one of my favorite verses because it reminds me when no one else gets me, God does. He is the one who created me. And He is the one who guides my steps. It says He designed all the inner most parts. He made me who I am and planned the days before me. Again how awesome is that!!!!

So now back to my original statement. What if there was fan fair and celebration when we were born because God chose just the right time to send us into the world to make a difference and to glorify His Name as only we can! Praise God for that.
Let’s pray
  Father we come before you today to thank you for your awesome gifts you give us each and every day. Father we kneel before you and ask forgiveness when we fall into self - doubt and despair because  we only have to look up  or open Your Word to know there’s no reason we should be feeling that way you are our destination and our life. You are our living water or source for life and we only have to ask. For you are generous to give for we are your children. Father thank you thank you thank you for the life we have because it’s because of you we live.

 In Jesus name I pray 

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