Thursday, December 19, 2013

A three (3) prompt story project

Over the last few days I have gone up and down with my writing. After all it is  the end of the year and time for most people to wrap up projects or get rid  wondering where of them that aren't working. But lately I  was wondering where my writing passion went. None of the stories I had created had any interest to me and I just wanted to sit in a corner and eat.and eat and eat. To me writing filled me so food wouldn't have to but what does one do when writing doesn't come? For some its exercise. For others its sulk and become depressed. For my I began to fight and look for options to fix the issues with my writing, Because some of the stories did not have outlines or character descriptions. Great mentors in writing have said get to know your characters. Even though you don't use it you have a better understanding of who they are and where they might go. So I tried that and when I got to a point where it ended, I looked for other things.
  Yesterday I found my answer. Along with some yoga and stretching,  I began writing a new story. Now this story was  inspired selecting  three prompts at a time and wrote until the chapter was complete. Then I chose another three words.  I am on chapter two now. To get these prompts I looked at various web pages, and my thesaurus and even picked a few words from the air. I wrote them on a 4x6 card. Then to begin this story which is a fantasy as well as one I am having fun writing, I chose three words randomly from this list and circled them.  Then I began writing, I have no idea where this story will go, but as long as I have words and passion let the story unfold...

If you are having trouble or just want to add something new to your writing, I encourage you to stop by  

and give this a try.... You wont be sorry

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