Sunday, December 8, 2013

I am a writer

That is a question some are not sure how to answer. I was one of them. Now the question I often struggle with is what have you written that I have read? That question was asked of me about 2 weeks ago. I answered I don't know, I only have two things published and out on the shelf.

I now know that was not the correct thing to say. What I should have said is, I have two Christian stories out there they are "Romantic Married Stories" and "I am thankful for..." You can find them here. Then hand them a business card with the web site to find them and one for my blog.

Today is a new day and next month is a new year. We all start over each day, I have started over..

Hi my name is Debi and I am a writer,I write Christian fiction may I interest you in a good read?

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