Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Savior's Birth

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year because it represents the birth of Christ, Our Lord and Savior. The following is a story of two couples. The first two people we know well, and the other two who we can along to make sure the first couple was never forgotten.

Hope you enjoy ( and get the story)
Mary and Joseph had been traveling all day but now the sun was just setting behind the mountain and it was getting dark. Mary was getting tired for you see she was carrying a child. Soon they came upon a building with a sign above the door which read “The Inn”. Hoping there would be a place for them to rest, they knocked on the door. Unfortunately the man inside told them there was no room in the inn but didn’t turn them away altogether. For you see he had a space in the stable which they could use if they wanted. Graciously thanking the inn keeper Joseph helped Mary from the donkey she had been sitting on and began to settle in for the night. Soon a star in the North sky began to get brighter as the birth of Mary’s child was getting closer. Soon a baby boy was born and the animals began to gather. As Joseph wrapped him in a blanket which was known as a swaddling cloth, he couldn’t notice how perfect he was with his 10 fingers and toes.

Now many years later we meet Scott and Trisha. They are a young Christian couple who were engaged to be married. They chose Christmas Day because it was to them the day of great beginnings. As the family gathered in the chapel, our young couple met with Father John in his office. He was explaining to them how their Christian faith would now be continuing on into their marriage. How they as a couple and Christ’s disciples would be carrying His message to others who were lost or in need, and how their lives were a representation of that commitment to Christ. Agreeing with Father John, they promised to continue to honor each other and God as they continued their lives together now as a couple. Before long everyone was in place and the music began. Soon the young couple were introduced and sent on their way.

Now when Jesus was born there were three men known as the wise men who followed a bright star to where Jesus and his family were. When they arrived this child was resting with his mother but there was still a great celebration. They celebrated because they had been expecting a savior to come and now he was here.

As Scott and Trisha celebrated their wedding they also began celebrating Jesus birth. Soon they loaded up their van, and pulled out to start on a road trip to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. When they drove off someone looked at the license plate and laughed because it read “the inn”.


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