Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sarai and Abram - Gen 12

 It is only the 28th of Jan but I have  already fallen behind in our yearly readings. But Thanks to  Eileen and her suggesting YouVerse, I am catching up quickly. 

Any way as I read Gen 12, I again stopped to reflect on what I could  learn from the story. In the story Abram was told by God to travel to another land, but when he came upon the land which belonged to the Pharaoh, he instructed Sarai to lie and say that he as her brother, in order to spare his life.

However because of this lie Sarai told, it caused the pharaoh to act on what he thought was truth. But God stepped in and caused ripples, which made the Pharaoh and his men ask if what Abram and Sarai were true. Which of course it wasn’t.

So now let me pose these questions to you: have you acted on what you thought was truth by someone only to discover it was not truth? Or have you told someone something which caused them to act on something that was not truth?

Regardless of which one you identify with, it does cause a ripple effect. Not only is the person who acted on false information affected but so you who gave them false information. We as children of God  should not even entertain that thought, but as you read in Gen 12  even Abram and Sarai did this.   So what can we do? 

First: remember the only truth is that which comes from God’s Word. If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Your guidepost- Your Bible.  

Second; if you have seen this or are the victim of this ask God for forgiveness and help to get out of the situation. 

God loves us and wants the best for us, he would never lead us into a position that was bad for us.  Trust God and let him guide you.  

Let's Pray 
    Father as I read again about the lie Sarai and Abram told I am reminded that it can be so easy to do the same thing. But Father when I find myself in this position, help guide me away from it and seek only the truth according to your will and Law. 

In Jesus name - Amen. 

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