Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Next 30 days

This blog post is related to another friends blog and is entitled “The last 30 days”

The original question came from Carley at Worship Melodies. Her question was “If you just had 30 days left how would you spend them.”

Okay oftentimes I find myself day dreaming about the future and all the things I could do, want to do, or will do…in the future.  But do we really have “the future”? We aren’t even guaranteed our next breath.  Job 14:5..." Man's days are determined, you have decreed the number of his/her months and have set limits he/she can not exceed. "

So then WHY are we doing things that won’t amount to anything? Or things that WE don’t enjoy doing, especially if we have a choice to change, to be better and to make an impression on someone else that will help them on their journeys.

The last few days I have been sitting here wondering which story to write next. Christian, children’s, mystery or any of the others I have on my desktop that aren’t finished. This was really beginning to aggravate me because my focus was momentarily blocked.

*Laughing joyously* 
   Folks it’s not about me, it’s about God, my Heavenly Father. The one who breathed life into me for a purpose. His Purpose not mine.

Those stories on my desk top unfinished are unfinished because the focus of them were wrong, they do not serve his purpose. The more I think of Carley’s question I remember the year I spent in school doing something for someone else not God. But nothing s wasted, God will use it for good.

So for my next 30 days I will be focusing on God and what He wants. Not on what I want.

Let’s pray,
  Father forgive me for my trespasses show me where I need to change so that I may be all you want me to be.  Father teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Help us see your goals  and dreams for us instead of focusing on our own. 

In Jesus name I pray Amen

this has helped set the scene for the next story that will be available soon. It's entitled "Strength comes from within"


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  1. Thanks for mentioning me. I'm so glad the my post inspired you. Blessings. HUGS :-)