Friday, April 18, 2014

God Fills Every Area of My Life Right Down to the Core

I have been absent here for a while, for those who follow regularly I am sorry. I have a new job, that of no fiction writer. I have three books under my belt but in doing these books I think I see a theme I had not seen before.What is that theme you ask?

God life force running through me regardless of what I write. So far I have written about adopting dogs, finding a cats potential and how to simplify your home,  the one I just submitted was about backyard veggie gardening, the next one will be creating a garden with  little money or maintenance time. 

Mt grandma was in the backyard garden one , and I see God running through this next one as I talk about Gardens There was the garden of Eden, and Garden of Gethsemane where we find Jesus before his time on the cross. 

What I may be focusing on is a place for  reflection and peace.  Because we all need that time.   

When I first started writing nonfiction these  topics that were given to me I didn't  know how to do it, I felt out of my element, but it was after the second book I  started wondering how can I combine my love of story telling and still write how to books, finally I lifted the question to God and things began to happen and it began to be easier. I'm not there yet, but with God's help and guidance I will get there, God makes all things happen for His Glory. 

My plan may be to write but He will direct my path. 

Hope your Weekend  Easter celebrations are blessed and happy

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