Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Year New start

 ( sorry about the high lighting- I have been trying to get rid of it.)

First I want to thank all of  you who continue to read my blogs, and continue reading even through the hard times and gaps of the entries.  And I hope you continue reading and hopefully learn from what I share or enjoy reading what I share. 

Now second on to today's post:

Don't we all love the new year and a fresh start? After all it is the perfect time to start over or find a new path to travel down especially if things have not gone well during a previous year. I am no exception. A New Year means new things and new adventures. It also means new challenges and obstacles we need to face and deal with. 
 This year is no exception.  I am going to be writing several things I have not only gone through but also the lessons I have learned. I have thought about writing a book regarding the past years events but after three or four drafts its not working. So I will be writing the events and lessons attached here instead,  not because they are that boring but because they are connected to my soul and I hope they will connect with your soul as well.
I am also working through a book called "The Language of Letting go" by Melody Beattie (and would like to get her other two books in the future). Because having been a wife I was a Mrs and all that went with being a wife. So I became a little - well a lot -- codependent. Now I am working to live on my own and learn who I am and what or who I can become as a single woman. 

So I hope what I have learned and am learning will help you as well.  

Stay tuned for more.

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