Friday, October 28, 2016

I'm still here

Goodness it has been a while since I have been here.  Thank you all for  sticking with me here as I  wander to places unknown. Seeing my last  entry was back in January I realize so many things have happened.  A divorce, a death of a loved one and a new relationship started. Now I am and have been considering grouping all of my blogs in one spot. I was wanting to create one just for my story and book updates and other  writing pieces and one for the daily thoughts.

Then I thought about it, most of my thoughts even though they don't look like it are about writing that connects to the soul. So I have decided to stay here and then figure out how to add a page for my books so you can stay updated and buy when the new ones come out. 

Another thing I was looking into was creating a mailing list to send out updates and how to keep you all informed.  

My boyfriend is taking IT classes  so I am learning along with him.... Learning something new is a great thing, and I always say you should learn something new all the time. 

I miss talking to all of you daily and keeping updated with whats going on, so if you see me absent for a while, pray for me and anxiously look for my return, I will be back.

By the way next month is time for nano again. I have a story all ready to go. 

( thats one reason I wanted to get back to blogging) 

talk to you all soon 

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