Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My desire for a new way of living part 1

Now as I was nearing my 46thbirthday I began thinking about how I was going to spend the next half of my life. I was tired of just living the life of an abuse victim/ survivor , not finding  strength to do what I really wanted to do- which was to get and stay healthy, body mind and soul. Just from my past personal experience I knew that it was going to be a lot of hard work on my part. And I'll to admit I was skeptical and a bit scared. After all if I was serious about changing it was  something I would have to work on every single day from now on. 

Now in order to be successful I had to remember two things; 1) this wasn't my past where every time something good came into my life someone was there to take it away or destroy it and 2) I was going to have to be serious about changing and realize I AM God's child. 

But that also meant I would have to stop being in control and turn my life back over to my heavenly Father who created me in the first place. So with those things reveled I had to ask myself  two very important questions."Was I ready to do the work it would take to get back on my feet, and two  was I ready to get rid of the negative self talk and lifestyle I was now living?" 

The answer was a loud resounding YES.

Stay turned for part two

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