Saturday, June 25, 2011

Matt 11 :28-30

 My yoke is easy and my burden is light....

 What a beautiful morning, not  what most would say when they awake to  a cloudy grey day  full of rain.  But if you are patient and just wait, that  Cloudy rainy grey day may just be something beautiful.

Today was one such day/ I woke up to a grey sky as wind and rain made their presence known.  But as the morning continued the rain stopped and the clouds opened bringing  with it the chirping of birds and  sunlight. But even before that as I sat with my coffee my mind raced with thoughts both  from things I've accomplished in my past and things I've yet to do, I read a chapter in my bible, as well as a chapter in   two different books , posted two other  blogs, then paused as the breeze  came through the window touching  my skin.

Suddenly I stopped and just felt the breeze  that's when the verse came to me I was putting too much pressure on my life and the lives of those around me. My fear of some food the fear of losing control while out the  fear of not making a difference . The fear of .... you name it....  But I wasn't always this way. it started less then a year ago. Last July.  What had happened during a year that caused the rip in my life? I don't know - really except I  let it take over  when I found myself not  as active as I used to be.

I let fear take over rendering me  helpless and fearful of what might happen. 

But Jesus is asking me to lay down my yoke and take his instead,  To let Him lead for a while  so I can rest. To again trust in Him instead of myself.  To just live in the moment and enjoy it.

Feeling that breeze takes me back to when I used to camp and just  surrender to the slow  flow of the day enjoying every second and not worry about   what is out of my control. A time of listening to the birds, watching the water in the steam, and feeling my breath as it moves in and out of my body.....


  1. I once read that when we're yoked with the Lord, He takes the lead and we can rest as He guides us. Praying for you as you rest in Him and walk this journey out side-by-side with Him.

  2. Thank you, I love the idea of being yoked with Jesus.