Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Studying God's Word

Hmmm how many times have you read God's Word and just saw words and not really understand what you were reading. But how often are you at a place where The Holy Spirit works in your life  and every story  now has meaning and enlightenment that you didn't have before.

I am at that place now  where each story I read is  just that a story with lessons to be learned. If you read all at once without finding a stopping place it will get over whelming like it did me. But if you take it in bite sized pieces. followed by the  notes and  reference scripture, you might get the meaning of what God is trying to teach, as I did. The Key to studying God's Word I  have found is to pray for guidance and  enlightenment of what He wants you to learn and apply to your life. I have again started  from Genesis  and am learning  from those who have lived before me.

 If we open our eyes and hearts and ask for the holy spirit to guide us He will. Often times we are asked to dig deeper and see what is underneath.  Are you  willing to do that  with me.  


  1. I am at the place too. Everything I read in His Word is like a fresh revelation. It's so exciting! God wants to reveal Himself to us. If we're not getting anything from the Bible, we need to pray and ask God to give us new eyes.

  2. Amen sister I am so glad its not a one time lesson.