Friday, September 23, 2011

DAy 2 Gluten free

Its 10:11 am on day three, I didn't post yesterday because I wanted to give myself a good night sleep and make sure there are no issues overnight. There were none. although after dinner I did feel bloated and full. But after a while that feeling passed. I am hoping I start having normal BM's but haven't see that yet. But as I researched and read I see that may take from a few weeks to months- just stick to it. And I am.In fact this I think is the first 'diet' I have followed or read about. But this isn't a diet- not for me but a new way of life. I filled my day yesterday reading and collecting foods on a list that were gluten free - some I was able to get Others I put on the shopping list for the next grocery buying day. I faltered though when I saw my favorite stuffing was on the DO NOT EAT list. I mean I wanted to give up and enjoy food again. But I didn't. For one well two reasons, one I don't like how I feel when I eat gluten and two I read what this stuff is doing to my body ,,, lets just say ewww. My poor body is fighting against itself. Now depending on how long it took before being diagnosed healing will vary. But the healing will start after about a week.

The more I searched for foods, The more I saw foods I have and love. The smiled began to return. I even found my childhood favorite cereal on the list. Fruity Pebbles and Coco Pebbles. You can't miss the wording on the front of the box its in bold letters "GLUTEN FREE". And they have snack bars as well! Also gluten free,plus the calorie count is within my range as well. I knew I loved Flintstones for a reason , lol. So for breakfast my creative self came out and I had my gf yogurt mixed with fruity pebbles, gf coffee ,with coffee mate gf and set out to write this post ( no pun intended) shhh the producers of Fruity Pebbles is post.

As I woke this morning, as I have been lately, I thanked God I am here and on the road to healing. As a friend said to me last night, God didn't take your ibs away He gave you a way through it. Praise God Amen. After all my body is his and should be treated as his temple. So it should be functioning correctly. Because it wasn't In fact I was thinking in the back of my head to stop going to school because who needs a teacher who is always worried about where the bathroom is or if that rubble in the tummy is trouble? God has called me to be a minister and He will find a way to get me there giving me the steps that will take the obstacles out of my way to make me healthy and better at the same time. What a wonderfully awesome God I serve!
Author note : when I first  wrote this this morning , the time was as stated in the first  sentence.

Day three tomorrow.

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