Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 1 Gluten Free eating

 Yesterday I went to  the Dr. because  some time last week, I hurt my  hip. Dont have a clue what I did, prob exercised  wrong or slept wrong, but something caused my hip to start hurting. Well as I said yesterday I went to the Dr to see what was going on,  while there I was going to talk to her about my issues with IBS-  even took my journal  so she could see what foods bothered me. We discussed it and  what foods  bothered me.  Well she then put me on a gluten free diet,  as you mat recall ) If I posted before) I was already watching the msg's i was eating. Now add to that a gluten free diet. I wasn't sure what to do , but I did go with questions and got  answers. She  also gave me some med's for  my  hip and wants  to see me in 2 weeks.  and  again in a month to see how the  tummy is doing.

 So  when I got home  I went to the library and got a book  about  gluten free diets foods all that.  And will be reading that writing down the foods to not eat and combining that with foods with msg and see what I get.  So far , I have two things on my  yummy list  that I can still eat/drink,  my coffee mate and pringles original chips.  I went to the website to see if I could still enjoy them.  The plain ones I can - and I have a brand new container of them in the house.  So today I am  working on day one, of eating better and exercising longer.  I wonder how much weight I will lose? I may just blog here about my journey  to better eating...

 Enjoy your day.


  1. Hey! Nice to hear from you. Feel better soon. I know you said you would like a Coffee with Jesus mug. If so, please email me your mailing address at nrigirl at hotmail dot com.

    Take care.

    ~ Hephzibah Israel

  2. hey lady would you let me know when you have sent my cup so I can be on the look out?