Wednesday, October 19, 2011

God's Beautiful Creation- Gen 1

Good morning and welcome to living room ministry my names Debi and I'm glad you stopped by today.

Last night after my husband went to bed I stayed awake to finish listening to a teaching on James. I have always found James to be such a special book, so when I found this online I jumped at the chance to listen and learn more about this man and this book of the bible. Now don't get me wrong, soon I will be posting about what I learned about James and what it taught me, but this morning I am going to talk about Genesis Chapter 1.

I have read this chapter before as I start the year long reading of the bible but last night I saw Genesis in a whole new way. Reading about the creation of this planet this earth this place we live I began seeing it threw new eyes. God's Eyes sorta speak.

To read that this omnipresent all knowing all powerful being created the world and everything in it had me awe struck. I felt like I was stuck in time as I read each and every verse I felt like I was there as it unfolded for me, to watch as a planet just hanging in the atmosphere without the aid of strings, or anything began to form into where I now live was POWERFUL.

To read that God took this dark formless circle and began separating the water making one half sky the other half earth, then separating the lower half into oceans and dry ground, Then created lights that world allow us to see during the day and at night including twinkling stars to gaze up at and dream. Then vegetation with trees and plants,then animals and then - me.

AS I finished chapter one I was in awe, I just sat there in the moment contemplating what I had just read. Then I found myself in prayer with Father God thanking and praising His name, How wonderful it is to be the daughter of such a wonderful being. It's. Just. Breathless.

Let's Pray-

Father God, to be in your presence and be able to praise and worship and talk with you is AMAZING . To see this world threw your eyes and what you wanted for me before sin entered I can only imagine how wonderful it would have been and how wonderful it will be when we are standing in your presence once again. And thanks to Jesus giving his very life taking on the pain, anger hurt torment and all the ugliness the world has and had it in makes me speechless. Father I fall on my knees to thank you for loving me soo very much to do that. There are no words I can find to express my feelings for what you have done but THANK YOU


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